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University Entrance Scholarship At Concordia University of Edmonton Canada

Brief Description: Concordia University of Edmonton, previously Concordia University College of Alberta, is a private university in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Accredited under the Alberta Post-secondary Learning Act, Concordia is primarily funded by tuition and private donations but also receives some limited funding from the Government of Alberta. Concordia University of Edmonton was founded in 1921 as Concordia College by the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod to prepare young men for preaching and teaching in the Christian church. It was essentially a high school for many decades. It introduced co-education in 1939, offering general study courses, and an accredited high school program. In 1967, Concordia began offering first-year university courses in affiliation with the University of Alberta. Affiliation for second-year courses began in 1975. The university graduated its first cohort of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science three-year degrees in 1988, gradually expanding to other disciplines and four-year programs. A formal separation between the high school and college (degree granting) was initiated in 1994.

The affiliation with the University of Alberta officially ended in 1991 by mutual agreement. Concordia College operated as a denominational college affiliated with the public sector until 1987, when the Province of Alberta allowed Concordia to start operating as a private degree-granting university college. Concordia changed its name from Concordia College to Concordia University College of Alberta in 1995. 
The high school program that had run within Concordia since 1939 separated into an independent institution called Concordia High School in 2000. Both institutions shared the same campus until July 2011. In 2014 the Alberta government announced that Concordia would be allowed to change its name, dropping the word "college" and allowing Concordia to call itself a university. On May 1, 2015, Concordia University College of Alberta was renamed Concordia University of Edmonton
Application Deadline: April 1, 2019
Country of Study: Concordia University of Edmonton
Level of Study: To Pursue Undergraduates Programme
Courses Available: Available for study in Courses Offered by the University
Countries Eligible to Apply: Open to citizens of any country
Benefits of the Scholarship:
University Entrance Scholarship Levels
Award Average       Scholarship Value  Value over 4 years
95% or higher         $5,000          $20,000
90% – 94.9%           $3,750          $15,000
85% – 89.9%           $2,000          $8,000
80% – 84.9%           $1,500          $6,000
75% – 79.9%           $1,000          $4,000
Further Criteria to be Eligible:
1.     entering their first-year of post-secondary study directly from high school. Concordia will also consider applicants who have:
a) taken time off between high school and post-secondary studies
b) completed university-level credits while in high school.
c) attended a non-accredited program at a post-secondary institution and earned 9 or less transfer credits.
Applicants who enrolled in a post-secondary institution after the completion of high school are not eligible.
2.     enrolled in a degree program in Arts, Management or Science.
3.     registered in a minimum of 80% of a full-course load (12 credits) in each semester. Recipients whose registration drops below the required 80% minimum will immediately forfeit their scholarship.
How do I apply?
There is no separate application required.  Concordia identifies eligible students through the admission process, choosing from those who submit their admission Application Forms and final (interim) high school transcripts before April 1st.  Eligible scholarship recipients are sent a preliminary scholarship offer notification letter.

Interested Candidate Should Apply through the Scholarship link

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